This page can be used to search through the official Lojban gismu and cmavo lists. Unlike jbovlaste, you can search the full text of definitions using multiple logically joined queries. On the downside, searches are limited to what is found in the official (English) word lists, you can't edit anything, and there are no hyperlinks between word entries.

Use of the query form should mostly be self-explanatory. Regex matching is performed with Perl 5 regular expressions, and the boolean search operators are left, er, top-associative (I'm working on a way to implement grouping). Any lines with empty fields (or, if you can manage it, options that shouldn't exist) are ignored. Lastly, to search, click "sisku"; "cunso" will give you a random word.

The Perl source for this page is freely redistributable and can be found here, and the JavaScript portion is located here; feel free to do whatever the bais. you want with them. The code uses the Lojban::Vlasisku and Lojban::Valsi Perl modules that I wrote as part of jboval, a small set of Lojbanic Perl modules & scripts.

You may also be interested in Jvozba, which automatically makes tanru into lujvo & vice versa.